Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are both strategic alliances. Acquisitions can be asset purchases, where the buyer purchases the seller's assets, free and clear of any liabilities, or stock purchases, where the buyer purchases the business's stock and takes over the business, instead of just buying the assets. The result of a business merger and acquisition, is that at the end of the transaction the two businesses are combined as one.

If you are planning to expand or reduce your business, a mergers & acquisitions lawyer can help strategize, negotiate, and execute transactions where two or more businesses combine into a single new entity, in case of a merger, or where one business purchases another, if an acquisition is planned. Also, a mergers & acquisitions lawyer can represent you in contested acquisitions. His experience should include corporate law, securities and taxes.

We can represent all categories of participants in transactions, such as: buyers, sellers, major stockholders, lenders, financial advisors, management, special board committees, venture capitalists